Einstein Students Advocate for Abortion Access and Protection

A group of seven students in jeans and t-shirts smile toward the camera.  The shirts read "Bronx Abortion".

Leadership members of Einstein’s Medical Students for Choice and MSFC NYC, a citywide coalition of medical students (from left): Vivian Kim, Linda Nie, Anne Lally, Katie Kuk, Kim Graybeal, Sarah McNeilly and Julie Nguyen

While many may feel helpless in the wake of this decision, it is crucial to recognize that as medical students we can and should advocate for a more equitable and just future.

Sarah McNeilly, second-year MD student

When we began writing, Sarah and I quickly realized two things: that we wanted to do whatever we could to protect abortion access post-Roe and that we had an incredibly supportive community of students, clinicians and administrators behind us.

Vivian Kim, second-year MD student