Dr. Ozuah Premieres “The Balance” on the YES Network

The Balance with Dr. Ozuah

Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, President and CEO, Montefiore Medicine, premiered his first six episodes of The Balance on the new YES Network Well LIFE NYC show. Following an impromptu TV appearance during a NY Yankees game broadcast, Dr. Ozuah was recruited to host a show of his own.

Bringing together Montefiore Einstein experts, culture influencers and human stories from the real world, Dr. Ozuah takes us on a journey of health and wellness topics he knows are on people’s minds.

Volume 1

At Your Convenience
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When you can’t get there in person, there’s another way to connect with your favorite doctor. Montefiore Einstein’s Dr. Leandro Slipczuk, the New York City Football Club’s Dr. Jeremy Bettle, and Midfielder Alfredo Morales, join Dr. Ozuah to share the benefits of telemedicine for peak performance. Montefiore Einstein’s Dr. David Altschul also joins to share the value of telemedicine for brain conditions.

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That Gut Feeling
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The bacteria in your gut affect everything from your mood to your weight. Jessica Shapiro, Montefiore Einstein Nutritionist, joins Dr. Ozuah to take a tour of where to find probiotic foods across the boroughs of NYC that can help the bacteria in your gut from getting out of whack. Dr. Ozuah reveals why a gut feeling is more than just a feeling.

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Change Your Mind
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Breaking the pattern of the single most common mental health issue in the world. Author and comedian Sara Benincasa joins Dr. Ozuah to share how she literally changed her mind to overcome catastrophic thinking. Montefiore Einstein’s chief psychologist Dr. Simon Rego provides strategies to overcome a pattern of negative thoughts.

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Sleep Yourself Better
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The one medically proven way to look younger, think smarter, react faster, feel better and fire up your metabolism. U.S. veteran Burgundy Williams joins Dr. Ozuah to share how she became her best self, thanks to getting life-changing sleep. Montefiore Einstein sleep experts Dr. Renee Monderer and Dr. Marc Gibber provide the benefits of good sleep and the latest treatments available.

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A Little Does a Lot
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Food allergies could become a thing of the past with a new game-changing treatment. Will, his mom and their Montefiore Einstein allergist and immunologist, Dr. Manish Ramesh, join Dr. Ozuah to tell their story of how Will overcame his dairy allergy with milk.

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Don't Sweat It
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Has your doctor ever recommended dancing, breaking glass, or watching a silly movie? Meir Kay, New York City resident Rocky and Montefiore Einstein psychologist Dr. Amanda Zayde join Dr. Ozuah to share some fun out of the box ways to blow off steam and get closer to a calm zero.

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