New Study Shows Moyamoya Disease Patients Are Not at an Increased Risk of Stroke When Giving Birth Vaginally

X-ray image of brain circulatory system

Moyamoya disease (MMD) is a rare, progressive disorder that can lead to strokes. David J. Altschul, MD, Director of Neurovascular Surgery; Co-Director of Montefiore Comprehensive Stroke Center; Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery; Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, wanted to investigate whether giving birth vaginally or by cesarean section put women with the disease at a higher risk of having a stroke.

That study, published in the April 2022 issue of the journal World Neurosurgery showed that for pregnant MMD patients, there is no increased risk of stroke from either a vaginal or C-section delivery.

This is a very common question we get from OB/GYN faculty. We found no difference in the risk for stroke regardless of delivery type.

David J. Altschul, MD